JS Builders specializes in building apartments, condos, and senior care facilities. In addition to our focus on building systems and interior finishes, we pay special attention to the quality control and cost management that are critical to successful housing development whether it is intended for renters or buyers, families or seniors.


As part of our preconstruction services, we thoroughly analyze the project requirements with the goal of identifying Value Engineering opportunities. We provide cost comparisons on alternative structural, plumbing, heating, electrical systems and architectural assemblies. The following is an outline of components that we investigate.

Anything that has possible alternative ways of being done is explored to be sure the owner can make sound decisions based on cost, durability, quality and warranty factors.

Foundation options:

Deep foundation—drilled pier, Driven pile soil treatment, Mat foundation, spread footing.

Structural options:

Metal frame, Wood frame, Concrete.

  • Individual unit metering versus vertical stack plumbing design
  • Bath venting options
  • Analysis of various heating options
  • Analysis of emergency power back-up options
  • Floor and wall assembly options to meet sound and fire requirements, etc.
  • Interior and exterior finish alternates
  • Flooring options
  • Door types
  • Hardware levels
  • Drywall finish
  • Exterior materials
  • Cabinet and countertop options
  • Window specifications and cost
  • Waterproofing systems



  • Mechanical, Plumbing, Electrical and Low Voltage
  • Structural Concrete

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